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Is the Cloud for me?

Cloud computing is a hot topic for business professionals and is without a doubt the future of the Information Technology industry. It is no surprise that many organisations are now planning their move to a Private Cloud.

The true meaning of a Private Cloud is often misunderstood. Matsco Solutions Private Cloud Platform is exactly that – Private. All server instances are highly secure and limited to a single organisation, with no virtual resources pooled with other client allocations. You get all the resources you pay for. The infrastructure was designed from the ground up, with redundancy and high-availability at each layer to ensure uptime of your critical services.

Since the launch of the Matsco Solutions Private Cloud Platform, the majority of financial start-up firms who turned to Matsco Solutions for their office implementation chose our Private Cloud technology over traditional office based server infrastructure. This trend is not limited to start-ups and we are seeing the vast majority of our Hedge Fund and Alternative Investment clients plan their move to our Private Cloud platform as the next step in their technology upgrades.  

The key reasons behind this are:

Cost Savings
Without the need to invest heavily in hardware and software, the capital expenditure that comes with building or replacing an IT environment and the associated server room costs are greatly reduced. In the current economy, this has been an especially key element for business owners.

By utilising the Matsco Solutions Private Cloud Platform, additional servers can be spun up immediately as and when required. Servers can be scaled at any time, modifying CPU, RAM, or storage requirements as needed. This also applies to software licensing for better management of requirements as and when they change.

Disaster Recovery
In each Matsco Solutions location, our Private Cloud Platform is provided through two secure N+1 Datacentres, allowing production and DR servers to be both hosted off-site with fully redundant and managed replication between the two.

Is it right for me?
Yes. All businesses can benefit from at least some aspect of the best practises that the cloud represents. Please feel free to speak to your Account Manager or contact your Local Matsco Solutions office to discuss.

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