Matsco - Small and Medium Enterprise

Small and Medium Enterprise

Matsco Solutions client list includes a wide variety of small to medium sized enterprises (SME). We devote an extraordinary amount of time and attention to this valued group of clientele, and have made it a core part of our business plan to establish a presence in the SME's market. Matsco Solutions provides three major advantages to our clients - Value, Technical Resources, and Personal Attention.

Matsco Solutions recognises that it is not always cost effective for SME's to employ a full time Information Technology (IT) staff. Therefore we offer our clients the flexibility to utilise our experienced IT team on an as needed basis. We provide technical expertise when a project arises to best suit the specific needs of the client. Once the Matsco Solutions team meets with the client and defines the requirements, we prepare a Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) specific to the client and their business. This SLA serves as a blueprint for the services Matsco Solutions will provide for the client and establishes expectations for the client.

In order to offer an economical advantage we serve as the client's IT department or as an extension of an already existing staff. A highly valued benefit of the Matsco Solutions SME relationship is the availability of our technical experts. These professionals evaluate SME with the same analysis and quality used for our enterprise clients; scaled down to offer solid and suitable business recommendations.

Matsco Solutions' depth of resources provides the client with guaranteed expertise in the daily advancements of the technology world. We are able to provide ahead of the curve, experienced engineers in every aspect of technology including security, upgrades, and crippling viruses. Unique to Matsco Solutions is the Matsco Solutions' Engineering Team - a specialised group of dedicated professionals trained to provide on-call customer support 24 hours a day, in any capacity necessary to fulfil each client's requirements.

Matsco Solutions is experienced in working with SME's and is sensitive to their unique technical needs as well as their need for personalised service. We understand that our clients must focus on being the experts in their business, leaving little time for reviewing the newest technologies available to them. Therefore, our team is fully experienced in providing personalised client service in understandable terms. We will alleviate the confusion and stress of finding what technologies are best for business, allowing the client to focus on the core competencies that make their business a success.

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