Matsco - Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Matsco Solutions Virtual Private Server platform is hosted at managed co-location facilities in highly secure N+1 datacenters located throughout the United Kingdom, United States and Asia, offering fully replicated virtual services. Enhanced support and monitoring options as well as additional connectivity is provided to our clients such as low cost 100mb LES circuits.

Virtual Services
Matsco Solutions can provision virtual servers in our secure Datacenters, and provide sufficient power, cooling, and internet connectivity for any needs. Matsco Solutions will monitor the environment on an ongoing basis to ensure uptime and capacity targets are met.

This is most applicable for clients who require:

  • Offsite Infrastructure Hosting and don't want to invest in hardware
  • Disaster Recovery Services (High availability or Cold standby IT infrastructure)

Virtual Infrastructure
The design of Matsco Solutions' Virtual Server & Network infrastructure is based on the cumulative knowledge of 10 years providing technology and support services to a global financial client base. Best of breed technology has been utilised throughout, with Cisco products used to provide the network layer as well as perimeter and LAN security, VMWare vSphere on the hypervisor layer, and HP servers and SAN technology providing the virtual host infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed for purpose from the ground up, with redundancy and high-availability at each layer to ensure uptime of your critical services.

Connectivity and Access
Each standard Matsco Solutions Virtual Server setup comes with enhanced Cisco firewall services backed onto the multi-carrier redundant internet connectivity into the Matsco Solutions datacenters. Setup includes configuration of a site-to-site VPN tunnel (typically to the customers office network), and a remote access VPN tunnel (for home/DR/roaming access). High bandwidth, low latency direct point-to-point circuits can be provided if required.

Scalability and Backup

The Matsco Solutions Virtual Server offering comes in three standard levels:

  • Virtualized Desktops/Workstations (Citrix Technology)
  • Basic - For Files, Active Directory, Blackberry
  • Advanced - For Email, Applications (Portfolio Management etc.)
  • Enterprise - For Databases, Specialized Applications

Servers can be scaled at any time, modifying CPU, RAM, or storage requirements as needed. Even though the Matsco Solutions VPS infrastructure is redundant at every level, we recommend using the Matsco Solutions Online Backup service for all production data loads. Matsco Solutions Online Backups ensure daily offsite backups to a separate datacenter, with the ability to do single item restores over pre-defined time periods up to 12 months.

As standard, all VPS instances are covered by SAN snapshots taken every 4 hours and stored for a week, allowing for rapid recovery at a hardware level. For clients that require the additional comfort of replication to an alternative location, Matsco Solutions VPS offers 2 additional levels of redundancy:

VPS Replicate:
Copies of the full customer VPS instance every 30 Minutes to an alternate datacenter.

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