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Stay Protected While Connected, Part One

In Cyber Security by Amaya Swanson

With holiday travel fast-approaching, many of us are facing hours at the airport, train stations, or sitting in random coffee shops. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, it’s tempting to connect to the free Wi-Fi, even though you know it’s a terrible idea. Here is a scary list of everything that can go wrong when you connect to …

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Matsco Interview: Meet Kishen!

In Financial Services Technology by Amaya Swanson

Meet Kishen, Matsco Solutions’ Co-Head of Asia Operations! Kishen is Matsco’s longest tenured employee and started his career with Matsco in 2006. Q: What drew you to Matsco 12 years ago? Matsco Solutions was a young company that was growing very fast. I was interested in working with technology and Financial Services, so Matsco was a great fit. Q: Tell …